Social Selling 2.0

SSFN.22 - Does Social Selling Really Work?

February 28, 2023 Tom Burton, Brandon Lee, Carson V Heady Season 1 Episode 22
Social Selling 2.0
SSFN.22 - Does Social Selling Really Work?
Show Notes

A common question we commonly hear ‘is "Does social selling really work or does social selling suck?". In this episode we will unpack that question by looking at the various aspects of social selling and how they come together to create a highly successful social selling strategy.

3:57- Does Social Selling really work? Carson’s perspective 
6:48- Does Social Selling really work? Tom’s perspective 
9:40- How much time is it going to take? 
12:48- What exactly do I do for Social selling? 
15:51- After the first step of Social Selling 
18:22- Personal brand familiarity 
22:48- A social selling story 
25:47- How to not be ghosted as a sales person 
28:40- Buyers are humans 
31:36- Find ways to stay top of mind 
35:54- Enhance sales results and your personal brand 
37:45- Publishing content and commenting 
39:43- Intentionality in posting 
42:10- Sales isn’t easy, it takes action 
44:35- You can go outside your normal style 

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