Social Selling 2.0

SSFN.23 - From "Connection to Customer"

March 09, 2023 Season 1 Episode 23
Social Selling 2.0
SSFN.23 - From "Connection to Customer"
Show Notes

You have a healthy connection with a prospect, now what? In this episode we will explore strategies and techniqnues for turning your connections into customers while building your reputation as a trusted guide with the buyer. 

3:23- Connecting with Prospects 
5:52- Nurture the Relationship 
9:03- Healthy Connections 
12:37- Capturing Attention 
16:22- No preconceived notions 
20:06- Connection to Community 
23:19- Your Introduction 
26:09- Conveying Value
28:13- Stereotypes and Titles 
29:47- Looking from all lenses 
32:38- Community within a Community 
35:04- Bringing experts together 
38:20- Old ways of selling 
40:20- Signs of Success 
42:58- Sticking with it
46:22- Snowball to Avalanche 
48:28- Statistics of Social Selling 
50:42- Connection to Community 

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