Social Selling 2.0

SSFN.27 - Does your LinkedIn Profile really matter?

April 04, 2023 Tom Burton, Brandon Lee, Carson V Heady Season 1 Episode 27
Social Selling 2.0
SSFN.27 - Does your LinkedIn Profile really matter?
Show Notes

In this episode we are joined by special guest Marc Clausen who currently leads the Global Sales and Strategy Performance Coaching program at IBM. Marc works with thousands of sales professionals at IBM on improving their digital presence and strategy. We will explore the value and goals of your LinkedIn profile and what really matters on your profile. It is probably different than you think! 

3:53- Marc Clausen background 
6:04- What’s changing? 
8:38- Buyers like their research 
11:26- Carson’s three elements 
14:15- Trust in your profile
16:01- What’s your role for your profile?
19:52- Headline and About section 
22:02- Your profile is like your resume 
24:53- What’s the first thing people look at on your profile
27:53- Telling your story through your profile 
30:15- Using LinkedIn for business or more? 
32:26- Creating your reputation 
36:27- Using all of your social medias 
38:48- Looking at your social holistically 
40:51- Swiss Army knife and LinkedIn
42:50- Deserted Island is like no LinkedIn profile 
45:57- Value of headline and commenting 

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