Social Selling 2.0

SSFN.28 - What Buyers Really Want?

April 12, 2023 Tom Burton, Brandon Lee, Carson V Heady Season 1 Episode 28
Social Selling 2.0
SSFN.28 - What Buyers Really Want?
Show Notes

We frequently talk about the fact that the buyer's journey has changed and that the buyer is in control of the sales process. But what does that really mean? In this episode we will explore what buyers really want (and don't want) and how, as a seller, you can influence and facilitate the buter journey. 

3:47- Tom’s Introduction
6:06- What do buyers don’t want?
8:25- Risks with buying
11:22- How do you find and asses the buyers problem?
13:35- Relationships and the company’s pulse 
15:53- Relationship is the core 
19:00- How do sellers show up for buyers better?
23:09- Looking through the lenses of the buyer 
26:26- Buyer vs Sales enablement 
30:12- It sounds like a lot of work
33:28- This is for Newbies 
36:54- Don’t substitute activity for outcomes 
39:52- Foundation of Relationships 
43:58- Connecting with Tom’s community

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